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Registered Charity Status

We are thrilled to announce that Chattertots is now a registered charity. Charity number 1198362.

Chattertots is an early intervention group for families of children with Down Syndrome in Berkshire. Down Syndrome is the largest genetic inherited condition in the UK affecting about 1000 births a year. It results in the person having an additional copy of the 21st chromosome. It can cause a learning disability, sensory issues and muscle weakness as well as other complications. As it has become better understood, the prognosis for people with Down Syndrome is significantly better. Whereas in the 1980’s the life expectancy of a child with Down Syndrome was 21, today on average, people live on average into their 60s. And as their development needs are better understood, with quality intervention, more and more people with Down Syndrome are achieving independent employment and living. The vast majority of families of people with Down Syndrome say they are incredibly blessed to have that person in their lives.

Chattertots was set up by a small group of parents in 2015 and in 2022 became a registered charity (1198362). We provide a range of early interventions including weekly speech and language therapy, half-termly school visits and consultancy, go to school boxes with bespoke resources, summer camps and social events. We presently support approximately 30 families and rely entirely on fundraising. We are deeply grateful to our supporters for their help.


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